The NHS Pension Scheme is the main pillar of retirement planning for most Doctors and Dentists. The scheme provides Healthcare Professionals with a lifelong, inflation-linked income with the added benefits of life cover and financial support for dependants.

Despite reforms including higher rates of pay contribution and the introduction of the career average scheme, the NHS Pension still offers excellent value for money. Independent Financial Advice will help you to consider the most favourable strategy for your career path.

According to the NHS Pensions website, ‘NHS Pensions and NHS Pensions Officers cannot give you financial advice. You should seek Independent Financial Advice about the best pension arrangements for you.’

We are experts in the NHS Pension Scheme, yet our advice for doctors is holistic, taking stock of the most effective options and additional saving strategies to maximise your retirement resource whilst retiring at a reasonable age. 

Some of our key services with the NHS Pension are as follows: 

  • NHS Pension Projections
  • Understanding the 1995, 2008 and 2015 versions of the scheme
  • Understanding the HMRC Lifetime and Annual Allowances
  • Planning for an early retirement 
  • Help with withdrawing your pension and returning to work
  • Making the most out of the scheme

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